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Triple D Illustrations is a dynamic and leading team of professionals, experienced in various aspects of design, 3D modeling and rendering.
Our work methods are focused on realism, being exact with the little details and clear rules, providing our clients constant and high quality results.
We always keep looking for new technologies and develop further techniques to offer the most up-to-date illustrations and designs.

We provide rendering and visualization services globally in the UK, USA, Israel and Ukraine and we have a representation or offices in these markets.

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3D Renders

3D renders are created to have a clear view of how our plans and blueprints are going to be in reality. 3D renders are commonly used to visualize buildings, but they can be also used for products as well.

We produce high quality, photo-realistic 3D renders that look almost exactly like in reality.

Photo Realistic Quality

In Interior Renders, there is a vital importance for precision regarding various details, including furniture, lights, shadows, reflections, the way objects are located in the space, views, etc.

Adding Life to the Images

Upon request, we will add a feeling of movement, characters, real views, etc., to make the visualization as real as possible.

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Photo Realistic Quality

Highly realistic and exact Exterior Renders – including lights, shadows, street traffic, municipal facilities, plants and finally the building itself – all combined create a photo-realistic feeling, as if the picture is an actual photo, thus allowing to imagine the plan as if already existed in reality.

Optionally Add the Building’s Surrounding

We can “plant” the renders in real surrounding of the project. Obtaining the surrounding photo can be done by a photographer or using a drone.

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Highly Detailed 3D Floor Plans

Complete furniture and objects placement create highly detailed floor plans, suitable for printing or posting online.

Several Types of Floor Plans

We offer several types of Floor Plans, including “Classic” 2D, floor plans with a 3D feeling, and also full 3D floor plans with an angle view.

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Virtual Tours

The Tours offer a virtual visit to the property, including a 360-degree view in and between room, in a high quality rendering. We offer tours using 2 different technologies – moving between points in a property or tour using the WebGL method, which is similar to a computer game movement.

360° Panoramic View

Get a feel and impression of the room with panoramic 360° view, in which you can view in high detail any object in the room.

VR (Virtual Reality) using your Smartphone

Use VR glasses (of any firm or model) to get a highly realistic feeling.

WebGL Technology

WebGL cutting edge technology allows you to walk inside an entire building or project. The technology is the same as used in computer games.

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Our Team Leaders

Lior Oslik

Head of Tel Aviv Office

Noa Barnea

Sales Manager Boston

Maya Vislobokov

Head of Manchester Office

Stas Zaslavsky

Head of Creative & Marketing

Alex Samobrod

Head of 3D Rendering

Daria Greenberg

Sales Manager

Diana Zakharov

Virtual Tours Manager

Suzan Ivanchuk

3D Animations Manager

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Office: 617-977-6737
Email: info@studiotripled.com Address: Triple D (Illustration) Ltd,
501 Boylston Street Boston MA 02116, USA

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